our starting characters. most likely more will come in due time


a group of college students and young twenty-somethings living in NYC

Ronald Speirs – Senior year philosophy major at NYU. Living in an apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with Nixon and Winters. Ironically called “Sparky” by his friends due to the fact that strangely, dogs love and flock to him. And because he hates every one of them.

Carwood Lipton – Junior year history major at NYU. Not a hipster. Dating Speirs.

Richard Winters – Fifth year architecture student at Pratt Institute. Met Nixon during freshman orientation. Currently living with him and Speirs in Williamsburg.

Lewis Nixon – Just graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in Film. Friends with Buck. Lives with Dick and Speirs.

David Webster – Junior year Lit major at NYU. Living in Williamsburg with Leckie and Hoosier. From a wealthy family. Has the cover of Catcher in the Rye tattooed on his left shoulder/arm.

Joe Liebgott – Junior year Graphic Design major at Pratt Institute.

Bob Leckie – Junior year Lit Major at NYU. Lives with Webster and Hoosier.

Merriel “Snafu” Shelton – Sophomore year Printmaking major at Pratt Institute.

Eugene Sledge – Freshman year journalism major at NYU. First time being away from home. Somehow ended up friends with Leckie and Webster.

Bill “Hoosier” Smith – Sophomore year Fashion major at Parsons. Somehow found himself living with Leckie and Webster.

Eugene Roe – Sophomore year Photography major at Parsons.

Buck Compton – Senior year Film major at Pratt Institute

George Luz – Junior year Animation major at Pratt Institute.

Don Malarkey – Junior year Animation major at Pratt Institute.

Warren “Skip” Muck - Junior year Animation major at Pratt Institute.

Brad Colbert - Out of college. 25 years old. Owns coffee shop in Brooklyn. Does IT work on the side. Created a popular blogging website that made him a lot of money, opened the coffee shop to wind down.

Nate Fick – Junior year Classics major at NYU. Friends with Webster and Leckie.

Ray Person – Senior year Illustration major at Pratt. Works as a barista in Brad’s coffee shop.

Walt Hasser – Junior year Biology major at NYU. Has been Nate’s roommate since freshman year.

(alexa: i will most likely be drawing busts for these guys in the near future, so keep an eye out)

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